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(no subject) [Aug. 11th, 2014|12:31 am]
girls who love ana

Fast lasted 25 hrs and then ended with a binge. Yesterday was my 18th birthday. I pigged out and gained 2.5 lbs. But I'm starting the Skinny Girl Diet today and am super motivated and excited! xx Belle
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(no subject) [Aug. 7th, 2014|11:20 am]
girls who love ana

15 hrs and 9 mins into my liquid fast. I feel fine so far, hunger hasn't set in yet and I don't feel like I need to binge which is amazing. Decided not to check my weight yet since, again, it's only been 15 hrs. I'll check tomorrow when I wake up. xx Belle
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(no subject) [Aug. 7th, 2014|01:51 am]
girls who love ana

My name is Belle and I'll be 18 in 3 days. I'm really fat and need to lose a shit load of weight as quickly as possible. I was diagnosed as bulimic a few years ago, but I tend to binge more than I purge sadly. That's the cause of my weight gains. I'm 5'9.5" and would rather not post my weight, but will post how much I lose. I'm currently 5 hrs and 38 minutes into a liquid fast. The longest I've ever fasted is 88 hrs and I'm shooting for 96 hrs this time a round, longer if possible. If anyone needs an ana buddy, feel free to message me or leave a comment on this post. I love ana buddies. xx Belle
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Hate The body Im in. [Jul. 16th, 2014|08:02 pm]
girls who love ana
My name is Mia. Im 18,I hate the body Im in. Ive never been in a single digit size pants. I look at myself and want to Cry. Im 230 pounds. Im 5'11.I would kill to be 115.Jusst Kill for that. Any Tips to becoming Ana I should take note on. I havent ate ib 3 days. When I get hungry I crunch on Ice. In these past 5 days I've walked 18 Miles. I will reach My Goal. Justneed some Help.
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Trying but Failing [Jun. 2nd, 2014|04:14 pm]
girls who love ana
I have been interesting in Ana for a couple of months now and want to really become pro Ana. I am disgusted with myself and want to be skinny. I need a person to help me not want to eat all the time. I go for a week without eating then become too hungry and eat a ton. Once I start eating I can't stop and then I try to throw up but can't. Someone please help me get to my goal weight, I have a ton to lose but with someone's help I know I can do it.
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(no subject) [Jul. 21st, 2013|05:22 am]
girls who love ana

Hi looking for an ana buddy. And also ana friends. I'm going to repost this in different proana communities, just a heads up when you see this repeated.

Today my husband told me he could see my abs. I've been fasting for 4 days. I'm super amazed! I've been working out for months and saw no results, I still struggle to fit into my tiny clothes(was skinny). I'm currently 160lbs 5'8 and aiming for 110lbs. I'm very motivated to work out. Infact I do everyday. I bike, run, and do metabolic workouts. But biking is my favorite thing to do.

Shout out for anyone who wants to fast with me/be friends. I post tons of thinspiration on my lj. Take a looky!

Looking for friends in their 20's
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Madness! [Jun. 26th, 2013|10:47 am]
girls who love ana

My BF is driving me mad about eating, with things that have happened recently I'm using the old faithful "i haven't got an appetite" which is true actually but its doing my head in. I'm playing it down best I can which is working for now but it infuriates me because he's so skinny and he doesn't even try! He's opposite to me he wants to put weight on!

He's out for most of the day so its only the evening I have to worry about!

So far today a big fat 0! The day is young but I'm confident!

Think thin!
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(no subject) [Jun. 25th, 2013|11:58 am]
girls who love ana

I know how you feel.

It's so sad when communities you loved just seem to fizzle out. I'm struggling to find one that's as active as one I used to be on :(

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Looking for Ana Friends! [Jun. 17th, 2009|07:46 pm]
girls who love ana


Hey I am new to this group and I have had an "eating disorder" for 8 years. I have been spending time with Mia for 10 months, but I ditched her a few weeks ago in favor of Ana.  I like Ana a lot better now, and Ana has helped me more.   I have been friends with Ana for almost 10 days now and eaten nothing but mushrooms and lettuce.  Not even entire plates full, just a handful here and there.  I have almost no appetite.  Most of my friends suspect that I have issues with my body and weight, but most of them don't know how obsessed I really am.  Some of my friends are equally obsessed, and many of them have tried extreme diets but they never take it seriously and always forget about them a week later.   I'm looking for an Ana friend so we can keep each other committed to this lifestyle.  I have lots of good tips and tricks if anyone wants to exchange them!
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(no subject) [Jun. 16th, 2009|02:50 pm]
girls who love ana
Today has been remarkably easy.

Havent eaten, dont have to.
Exercised alot.
Going out to see my girl now, cant wait.

Updated my food diary on my computer and in the last two days ive had 600 kcal.
One was a 599 kcal binge last night *including dinner*

SO Yup.

and I lost 2 pounds in a day, which was my target, because i have another 6 to loose by friday,
4 day fast ftw.

sorry im sounding so uplifted, its easier than talking about the temptation, the inablity to sleep and the delicious yet painful hunger pangs.

Well everything comes at a price right?

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