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Looking for Ana Friends! [Jun. 17th, 2009|07:46 pm]
girls who love ana



Hey I am new to this group and I have had an "eating disorder" for 8 years. I have been spending time with Mia for 10 months, but I ditched her a few weeks ago in favor of Ana.  I like Ana a lot better now, and Ana has helped me more.   I have been friends with Ana for almost 10 days now and eaten nothing but mushrooms and lettuce.  Not even entire plates full, just a handful here and there.  I have almost no appetite.  Most of my friends suspect that I have issues with my body and weight, but most of them don't know how obsessed I really am.  Some of my friends are equally obsessed, and many of them have tried extreme diets but they never take it seriously and always forget about them a week later.   I'm looking for an Ana friend so we can keep each other committed to this lifestyle.  I have lots of good tips and tricks if anyone wants to exchange them!

[User Picture]From: babydoll3005
2009-06-21 09:33 pm (UTC)

Want to be my ana friend?

My name is Renee and I'm also new to this site. I've also just started with ana. I used to be friends with mia but that didn't work out. I'm trying a new food plan.
Mon-600 calories
How do you keep from being hungry all the time? I drink lots of water but it's not helping with the cravings. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks!
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[User Picture]From: brklynbohemian
2009-06-22 04:29 am (UTC)

Re: Want to be my ana friend?

Hey Renee!
i'd be more than happy to help!
What happened to me was, every month, the week before my period, I have a ravenous appetite. I want to eat everything in sight. But the week after my period, and during, I have no appetite at all. I don't know if other people get like this. So, after my period ended, I had no appetite, and decided to take advantage of that opportunity and befriend Ana. Also, I have been a compulsive binge eater since I was 10, and desperate to shake the habit. So last summer I bought diet pills and they made me feel SO full that I could not binge eat. My favorite is Smart Burn. They contain green tea extract and vitamins. Also, recently I began taking medication for anxiety and depression, which were causing me to over-eat. Now that I am not depressed, I don't find myself using food to escape my problems.

Start by going on a low carb, high-fiber diet for a week before you start Ana so your system doesn't go into shock. I recommend the south beach diet. Once your body gets used to not having carbs, your blood sugar will be stable and you won't have cravings.

Then, make your diet as boring as possible. Only eat bland, flavorless foods like raw vegetables. This will train your brain over time not to equate food with pleasure. Tell yourself that there are many other things to enjoy besides food, and that being thin is worth it.
Also, I live in a college dorm, so I do not have any regularly scheduled sit-down meals to avoid.

Buy tea with hoodia and drink it all day. Try to get used to the hunger. Also, drinking decaf coffee with half-and-half will help reduce your appetite.
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[User Picture]From: babydoll3005
2009-06-22 08:44 pm (UTC)

Re: Want to be my ana friend?

Thanks so much for the information! I tried diet pills before, but they damaged my heart valve, so now I have a mechanical one. By the way, what's hoodia? I'm also taking ativan, wellbutrin, and abilify for anxiety and depression, among other pills. I love tea and raw vegetables, so I'll try that.
Thanks again!
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