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Looking for Ana Friends! [Jun. 17th, 2009|07:46 pm]
girls who love ana



Hey I am new to this group and I have had an "eating disorder" for 8 years. I have been spending time with Mia for 10 months, but I ditched her a few weeks ago in favor of Ana.  I like Ana a lot better now, and Ana has helped me more.   I have been friends with Ana for almost 10 days now and eaten nothing but mushrooms and lettuce.  Not even entire plates full, just a handful here and there.  I have almost no appetite.  Most of my friends suspect that I have issues with my body and weight, but most of them don't know how obsessed I really am.  Some of my friends are equally obsessed, and many of them have tried extreme diets but they never take it seriously and always forget about them a week later.   I'm looking for an Ana friend so we can keep each other committed to this lifestyle.  I have lots of good tips and tricks if anyone wants to exchange them!

From: em_1988
2011-01-23 11:58 am (UTC)

Re: hey

Hi, I am having a similar problem, was anorexic for 5 years, but my control has since wavered and i have become so fat. i have been fasting for three weeks now, just having a tin of tuna every second day, which is working quite well. also exercising 2 hours everyday. i would love some company on my new plan to thin-dom! please reply if you would like to get in touch. xx
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